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You may be wondering why it is important to carry a renters insurance policy. Rental properties, especially apartments, are considered risky when it comes to potential claims. You share a building with a lot of people. Fires, theft, and water damage can be more frequent. Consider if there is a fire or theft, or perhaps the roof leaks into your apartment. There are so many things that could go wrong and your personal property is at risk. You love the things you own and should protect them from a loss. Fortunately, renters insurance in most cases is very inexpensive, no more than a few dollars a month.

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What Does Renters Insurance Protect Against?

At DFW Insurance we know firsthand about the many issues that could occur when you rent a home or an apartment, and renter’s insurance protects you from a variety of threats and dangers that could potentially occur in a rented unit. When you purchase renter’s insurance, you are covering yourself against many things such as fire, lightning, riots, aircraft, vehicles, smoke, windstorms, vandalism, theft, falling objects, water damage, electrical damage and a host of other issues.

How to Choose the Right Amount of Renter’s Insurance

The insurance providers listed on DFW Insurance can help ensure you that your valuables are protected. The process begins once you decide how much coverage is required, which varies depending on the type of things you are insuring and where you are located.

Some Coverages for Renters Insurance Include:

  • Personal Property covers the contents you own in case of a fire, theft, water damage, or other hazards that could occur.
  • Liability Coverage covers you in the case someone gets hurt while at your home, or if your dog bites a guest. We can think of a million different reasons why liability comes in handy.
  • Other coverages are included as well. Just talk to your selected agent and they will help you understand your renters policy.

As with other types of insurance, your premium will depend on your deductible and any additional coverage you may choose. To be sure you know the value of your items, keep receipts. You should also keep a list of all the items you own, and be careful not to underestimate their value. You might also consider photographing or videotaping each room and storing the pictures in a fireproof box. Today, many people file things digitally or in a safety deposit box at the bank. The point is to make sure you have proof regarding the value of your valuables.

To assure that your valuables are protected, purchasing renter’s insurance offers you peace of mind and the assurance that if anything is lost, you will at least be able to replace it. As a local, independent agency, DFW Insurance lists only the top renters insurance companies in the business. You can compare your coverage and rates with the different insurance carriers and find the policy and price that work best for you. Choose from the best insurance companies in the DFW area and contact agents directly for renters insurance quotes and available discounts.

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