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As a landlord in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area, you value and appreciate the property you own, as it is one of your greatest investments. Of course, you want to be sure it’s protected and the one sure way to protect yourself and your property is through Landlord insurance. Consequently, obtaining a comprehensive landlord’s rental property insurance policy will allow you to rent your investment property with the full confidence that, as a landlord, your insurance protects your property from damage as well as protecting you from legal and personal liability. Naturally, you want to be sure that your landlord insurance covers you properly and is comprehensive and affordable, so you should be sure to compare insurance companies. That’s why DFW Insurance is here.

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The Best Landlord Insurance at the Lowest Rates

To be sure you are getting the lowest rates on the very best landlord insurance policy, we at DFW Insurance are here to help. Search our listings of top insurance providers to find the best quality coverage at the lowest possible rates. Contact as many companies as you like and compare policies to ensure that you’re getting the best coverage for your money.

What Do You Get in Landlord Property Insurance?

Whether the dwelling you own is a house, apartment, condominium, vacation rental or other type of dwelling, Landlord insurance generally covers the building itself. Because rental properties vary, so too does each landlord’s coverage. Nonetheless, a landlord will want to be sure to have coverage for hazards or threats including fire, flood, lightning, storm, explosion, theft and vandalism. Most insurance companies provide options for additional coverage beyond standard landlord property insurance, which may come under the umbrella of accidental damage, legal protection, content coverage and rent guarantee coverage.

What to Consider for Landlord Insurance

When you’re considering landlord insurance you want to be assured that the property coverage will give you sufficient protection and liability coverage. The overall sum insured should not represent just your building and its market value, but it should represent the full cost to re-build your rental property if something should happen. At DFW Insurance, we give you the tools to compare rates and coverage. Don’t simply choose the cheapest policy. Be sure that the liability protection covers the contents of your rental property, as content coverage will protect you against any financial cost of damage to your property.

Protect your Most Valued Property

We at DFW Insurance understand that your rental property is an important investment and needs to be protected. Let us quickly and easily show you the top landlord insurance producers. Once you’ve compared prices and coverage, you’ll be in a better position to make the best choice. Why not take the first step in protecting your valuables, by searching DFW Insurance. With Landlord insurance, you’ll have coverage for personal property, loss assessment and personal liability that keeps your property safe and protected.

Do all your tenants have a renters insurance policy? They should!

Through the years we have seen too many instances where landlords and renters have problems when it comes to claim time. We have a strong opinion that landlords should require tenants to own a renters insurance policy. Most of the time they are very inexpensive, just a few dollars a month, and they protect so much. A renters policy will most importantly cover their contents, and cover liability losses or claims and take that burden off of you.

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