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For most people, a home is the most valuable asset we own, so covering and protecting your home in the event of a fire, theft, damage from extreme weather or other unforeseen event is important. In today’s world. where every day we have more things to worry about, home insurance takes away some of the burden, which allows us to relax knowing our homes being protected. DFW Insurance is your first stop to finding the perfect property insurance. We help you understand your coverage and what your possible risk exposures might be.

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We recommend that you protect your home the way it protects you, by choosing the right insurance coverage for your needs. Since we have list many of the top producing home insurance companies, DFW Insurance can help you find the right coverage and the finest Home Insurance choices at competitive rates.

What Does Home Insurance Do for Families?

You can never replace sentimental items, important pictures or special keepsakes, but with the right insurance policy you can start fresh. You shouldn’t have to worry about dipping into your own finances to get a new start. And home insurance isn’t just about protecting the belongings inside your home, it’s about making sure the structure of your home is well protected. Home Insurance is designed to cover the cost of restoring your home and possessions to the same condition the home was in before any loss occurred. In addition, before a bank will close on a home loan, they will require you to protect your investment with home insurance.

How to Choose Home Insurance

While the current market value of your home may be lower than you’d like, the cost of rebuilding may be higher than you think. Additionally, updates, additions and improvements to your home can increase the amount of coverage you need. Find a reputable agent to assist you with the details about the coverage you need for your home. In getting started, a lot depends on the worth of your home, although even an empty lot without a house has value. So, we start with dwelling coverage. Contents coverage would come under the heading of everything that is not part of the actual structure. Naturally, if you have very expensive things in your home, you would want to be sure they were covered with a higher limit of contents coverage on your policy. We recommend you video tape or make a detailed list of the things in your home. When it comes to a claim you would be able to help the adjuster understand the type of contents you own.

Most home policy coverage includes:

  • Dwelling coverage protects against the damage and possible loss of your home’s structure in the event of a covered claim such as a hurricane, hail, lightening or fire. (Separate policies are needed for flood and earthquake insurance.) This portion of your policy pays to replace the structural components of your home.
  • Other Structures that are protected by a standard home insurance policy are detached garages and other detached buildings on your property. The typical coverage for other structures is 10% of your dwelling coverage-although higher amounts may be purchased if necessary.
  • Personal Property coverage is included in a standard home insurance policy and protects your personal items and household contents in the event they are stolen or destroyed by fire, hurricane or other peril covered in your policy. These items may include, but are not limited to, furniture, clothing, and sports equipment.
  • Loss of Use coverage provides for your living expenses in the event that you cannot live in your home due to a covered claim. This type of coverage typically covers hotel and restaurant bills and other living expenses you may incur while your home is being repaired.
  • Personal Liability Protection covers you in the event that a lawsuit is presented against you or covered family members for bodily injury or property damage. Your pets are also included in this portion of your policy protecting you against bodily harm or property damage that they may cause to others.
  • Medical Payments coverage (often referred to as MedPay) helps cover medical expenses that you might be held responsible for due to an injury sustained on your property when there is no lawsuit
  • Discounts We understand that you want the best coverage for the cheapest price. Always ask about additional discounts you may qualify for. You most likely are eligible for many of them and they can only help to get your rate lower.
  • Deductible A majority of homeowners carry a 1% deductible on the home policy. Which means your deductible, or what you pay out of pocket for a loss, would be 1% of the dwelling value, not 1% of the loss or damage. 1% deductible is not set in stone. With most companies you do have a choice of deductible and sometimes you can have more than one deductible depending on what coverage the loss occurred under.

An Important Tidbit about Home Insurance

It is important that you research and compare home insurance policies to see what works best for you. DFW Insurance is a great option to help you find home insurance companies to meet your needs. When you are ready to obtain new home insurance, we’re here to help you find the best policy and price. Search DFW Insurance and save money on your home insurance.

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