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Flood insurance in Texas is backed by the Federal Government and provided by FEMA. At DFW Insurance we offer listings of flood insurance providers to anyone owning a home that might want this coverage. Damage from rising water and flood is not included on any home insurance policy in Texas, nor can it be endorsed. A flood insurance policy is its own separate policy and own separate premium. No one in the state is required to carry insurance for floods on their home, but if your home is found to be in a flood zone then most mortgage companies will require you to carry a flood insurance policy before they will close on a loan for the home. Most homes are not in a flood zone. If you are wondering if the home you are about to buy is in a flood zone, most home appraisers will let you know ahead of time. If you have purchased a home in a flood zone then you will be provided with an elevation certificate.

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What Is Flood Insurance And What Does It Cover?

Insurance generally covers the structure of your home and the contents inside. There are many coverage amount options that you can choose from for both dwelling and personal property. Generally the way flood insurance works is that if you suffer a loss due to rising water from outside then it would usually be considered a flood loss. If a pipe breaks in your wall, or the water heater bottoms out in your home, or your toilet overflows while you are gone then those types of losses would be taken care of under the water damage of your home insurance policy and would not constitute a flood under flood insurance.

How Much Does It Cost To Insure For Flooding?

The price for insurance from a flood can vary greatly depending on your elevation compared to flood evaluation and history. Flood insurance must be bound 30 days prior to any flood loss. If you are outside of a flood zone and just want to purchase the coverage to be safe and protect your property then the cost is relatively inexpensive and usually very economical.

As a top insurance directory, DFW Insurance lists only the top flood insurance companies in the business. You can compare your coverage and rates with the different insurance carriers and find the policy and price that work best for you. Choose from the best insurance companies in the Dallas /Fort Worth area and contact agents directly for insurance quotes and available discounts.

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